I just finished my second video for my Facebook group yesterday. Well, the second one that I wasn’t nervous as hell!! I discovered that I was being invisible with possible clients online. I had to get over that because I have so much to offer women. My own process taught me that I have a gift of seeing and feeling things others don’t. I can be accused of being too blunt sometimes to people. It is because I can see what they can’t….then they get down the road and realize I was right!! I am looking for those that just trust my REAL ass instinct and my upfront attitude. It’s funny because I see sooooo many people flock to the fake people!! I understand having a gift and not knowing what it is. I understand what it is like not to fit in and not know why. I teach those women that fitting in is overrated!! You were not supposed to in the first place. Society teaching us to blend in. I teach embracing your uniqueness….to celebrate it!! I help women get over their fears, because I have had to face my own. Supporting women on a global level is my goal, so, this is a step in that direction! What “thing” are YOU afraid of that you need to face? If it scares you, that means you should do it!!!

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You are a work of art, Queen! Where you are right now took time. You want to go to another level? That takes time as well. The real question is…….are you ready to go to another level? Is there something missing? Are you throwing yourself into every little thing trying to fill the void you have? I tried that to. The void is your highest self crying out. You can’t fill that with ANYTHING else but emotional growth. Authenticity in your mind, body & soul is the only thing that will free you. Would you like to know what that feels like? Let’s talk, Queen!

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Happy #humpday!! I am so grateful to be able to empower women. It is an honor to be of service. Where in your life would you like to have a huge change. What does the ideal life look like for you? Why are you waiting to get it? Wait til your kids get older? Waiting on the paint to dry? Those are just excuses. You are worthy of investing in yourself. what good is the future if you are not living RIGHT NOW? Let’s talk, Queen.

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Is your husband your best friend? I know mine is because when I get mad at him and giving him the silent treatment……then I get good news or have something to share with him, it is more important that whatever I was mad at him about. We get mistaken for brother and sister ALL the time. We look nothing alike. The way we talk to each other (sarcasm in HIGH) people feel that is what they usually see in siblings. I am so grateful for the people we have become. We have literally grew together. It’s almost 20 years and the best hasn’t been seen yet! I love you, Mike!! #relationship #relationshipgoals #marriage #marriagegoals #maven #lover #spiritualgrowth #lovequotes #thinkaboutit #loveis #inspirations #lovebirds #loves #loved #healing #emotion #authentic #emotions #thinkbig #relationshipquotes #couples #couplegoals #feelings #couple #romance #dating #relationshipadvice #LoveLanguage #relationships

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